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Useful Tips for Finding IP Address of Mac

Every time your computer connects to the internet, it has a unique number assigned to it which is the IP address or internet protocol that aids in communication by enabling sending and receiving of messages. It is advisable you be wary with your IP address since it is the key to being hacked or located through geolocation data. You will have to search your IP address on Mac should the need arise requiring certain adjustments or changes. Discussed below are tips to help you find your IP address on Mac.

The first step to finding your IP address on Mac is understanding the difference between internal and external IP addresses; internal IP address is used within your home network while external IP address is assigned by your internet provider the first time you go online. Besides external and internal IP address, there are also Mac IP addresses and IP addresses, whose difference you must also comprehend. While IP address is a unique number assigned to your computer when you connect to the internet, Machine Access Control is a serial number assigned to an adaptor.

The method you use to find your external IP address on Mac will be dependent on how you are connected; whether you are connected via a router or directly to the modem. In case you are connected via a router, you can try different options to help find your email address including searching on the internet. Being connected directly to a modem means you will use a different approach to finding your IP address in comparison to a person connected via a router. You can find the right IP address at

If you want to know your local or internal IP address, you can easily handle it the same you would an external IP address if you are connected to a modem. It is also possible to find your local IP address using terminal on Mac if you are wirelessly connected to the internet. Your router and all the other devices connected to your network are assigned different IP addresses that if put together results in a single external one.

It is important you want to take the necessary precaution to secure your sensitive data and in this case VPN can be a big help to you; your IP address will be replaced with one from a VPN provider which protects your address. In case you are incurring challenges with your network, checking on its health is always a good idea even if you are using virtual private network. Discussed are the tips that will help you find your IP address on Mac. You can read more on this here:

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